I was invited to be guest selector for this week's Danse Farm Radio show. Many of you may be familiar with this often strange and genius program. But for those of you who are not, Danse Farm in a podcast hosted by mystery personality AR/KVB and is dedicated to the specific sounds of dark wave, cold wave, minimal wave, gothic, post-punk and the likeness of these (wavey) genres. I felt honored to be invited and mostly excited to be selecting music outside of my usual disco/house influenced style. However, one may suspect that all these genres have influenced each other in some way or another. See for yourself and check out an interview with myself and AR/KVB via Berlin! Click the above image or here to listen to the darker side of my dj'ing.

  (cut and paste http://dansefarm.podomatic.com/player/web/2011-08-18T20_55_07-07_00 if you are having difficulties)

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